October 27, 2009

Can you see the Ghosts?

We're very excited about the look and feel in Auto Crisis. We've been spending a lot of time tweaking everything, and we're getting closer to perfection.

Here are some of the things we like a lot:
  • The camera follows the car like a hot air balloon in a rubber band. Looks very nice.
  • Cars are made a bit larger to add to the cartoonish look.
  • The film grain and vignette makes a huge difference for a movie feeling.
  • The theme music by our composer Tony Palm is great! Listen to a cut down version here.

The game will offer two different modes:
1. Work your way to the top by beating the better AI opponents in each race. You will be able to use their cars and face even better opponents. Pick up powerups to shoot them down while you're racing.

2. Single player time attack. Best result can be stored online. It means that as you're playing, you'll see ghost cars showing your personal best, and results from other players.

Here are screenshots of the ghost drivers. What do you think?


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